We make a concerted effort to make a difference to every single student.

  • Skilled teaching: Academic program at ACEMUM is rigorous in which we develop problem analysing and solving skills in students which makes even the most arduous problems easy to solve.
  • Assurance:  We create a space for students to explore their subject knowledge to greater depths.  
  • Excellent faculty: Our faculties stay continuously updated in this ever changing competitive environment and design innovative ways of learning, teaching and testing.
  • Support: Provide your child teaching and support consistently irrespective to performance, efficiency and potential. We encourage the students to engage in taking up more worksheets and our teaching assistants give them extra hand apart from the faculties as well.
  • Flexibility: Our centre provides teaching sessions at different times and helps parents choose from a range of tutors at their preferred time.
  • Affordability: Parents can become a member pay for the number of materials or worksheets they want. They can also avail our free discussion session to understand the centre arrangements and select the tutors before they become members.  For more information contact us/ click here for rates.
  • Security: We conduct ID and reference checks (CRB) on all our faculties & staffs before we bring them on-board.  We provide full CCTV environment which is accessible to parents to be assured.

How is ACEMUM different from other centres?
Lessons of 90 minutes each are designed according to the pattern and level of training and delivered by our esteem faculties. Lectures are conducted post a student has tried the online worksheet available. This facilitates ease of understanding for students when they are taking the lessons.

  • REVISION CLASSES: Revision classes of selected topics are arranged regularly to benefit students
  • TUTORIAL CLASSES: These classes are separately arranged for discussion of worksheets, question banks for those students who require extra assistance.
  • ACE - ‘ANALYSIS THROUGH CONTINOUS EXERCISE’: Every lecture will include worksheets with multi-conceptual problems, designed to give-in depth understanding of the subject and to improve question solving speed through regular time bound practise.
  • WORKSHEET BANKS: For adequate practise in each subject, topic wise worksheet banks are distributed to students which help them in gaining confidence and command on individual topics.
  • FEEDBACK SESSIONS: We conduct regular parent- tutee interactive feedback sessions parents are aware of their child’s progress and help us improve daily through the feedbacks received. Our online system allows parents to follow up their child’s progress reports.
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