When we take a glimpse of the past years, we see that parents find the process of providing the child a helping hand in studies is a stressful process.  Parents have to be aware of the child’s requirements, learning abilities, study patterns and have to put efforts in right direction to offer the child ease with their learning process.
We at ACEMUM have taken the responsibility to provide a service with our available facilities to act as a helping hand to the parents and their children.  We bring the best educators under one roof and solely focus on developing the knowledge pool in every child. We have a significant education system which allows parents to rely on a pre- planned method that is easy to follow and to complete the process of learning.  We ensure that all our tutors follow a set pattern of teaching method that is highly efficient. Our every action and thoughts are student oriented that prepares them to develop an analytical mind and skills to enhance problem solving ability.

Although we believe that each child should be a free thinker on their own right, however we should encourage practise and brainstorming is part of their daily learning process.  To achieve this process, we at ACEMUM design our worksheets and teach through them to add these abilities to your child.

ACEMUM provides teaching in these subject disciplines:

1.       English

2.       Maths

3.       Science

4.       Verbal Activity

5.       Non-Verbal Reasoning

6.       Computing

Materials / Worksheets

Our materials and worksheets are carefully created and organized so parents can also be a part of their learning process. Since parents play a vital role in their child's educational process, we strongly recommend parents to engage and help them to complete their home worksheets. We also provide constant feedback and follow their progress throughout their learning process.


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