Why does my child need a tutor?
There are many reasons why a student may require a tutor.
Private tuition lessons offers a totally different help in learning when compared to one received at school. It not only helps to consolidate knowledge but also provide guidance and support through every stage of a student’s academic career. Tutors can offer continual support and advice for students throughout their learning phase.
Are all ACEMUM tutors CRB registered?
Yes. All tutors are registered with the Criminal Records Bureau.
How does ACEMUM select their tutors?
Tutors are selected following a thorough face-to-face interview. As a minimum, all tutors are educated to degree level and have teaching experience.
Is there a registration fee?
There is a registration fee depending on the study level and number of subjects opted for.
At what point do I have to pay?
It is free to search, browse and discuss your needs with us. Only when you have decided to use our service and selected the tutor we charge a registration fee. You must pay your fee directly to avail full services.
How do I choose a tutor?
Please see our list of tutors, their profiles and reviews before selecting.  Alternatively you can drop in our centre during our working hours for guidance.
What if my child does not like or understand the tutor?
This is not a problem and we will find you another tutor at no extra cost or hassle.
How can I give ACEMUM feedback about my tutor?
All clients are given a feedback form in which we ask you to provide feedback on your tutor and other aspects of our services.  This is, of course, entirely optional.
What if my query is not answered here?
Please email, text or call ACEMUM and we will respond to your query within 24 hours.
If you have any further questions not answered in our FAQs, or are unsure about anything, please ask us your question HERE.

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