Why join AceMum as a Tutor?
Join us to be an ace tutor. AceMum brings a platform for tutors to connect with students in your local area or online. On your tutoring profile you can showcase your qualifications, experience, tuition methods, student feedback, relevant interests and much more. You set your timings and create worksheets according to standard AceMum template.

How the Tutor and AceMum work?

AceMum Role- Tutors provide worksheets - AceMum publishes and promotes the trial worksheets - Students buy over counters/ online/AceMum Centre – Students book for lessons for topics in the worksheets.

Tutors Role- Provide their trial self-explanatory & self-guiding worksheets which will have some basic explaination of the topics the tutor will be covering and some questions that students will try before attending the classes, for the subjects they choose to teach. The trial worksheets are published by AceMum and distributed over selling counters by AceMum promotion team. The same worksheets are available to download online and also at AceMum Centre for minimal charges.
The tutors are given the unique opportunity to publish their own materials free of charge with us and get promoted and connected with students without any hassle. We offer every tutor a chance to be assured through their quality of worksheets to have students booked in for their lessons.

Job Responsibilities
The role will be to teach, engage, support and inspire students by providing an outstanding learning experience to each student through pre-planned worksheets.
The majority of learning support to students will be delivered via the worksheets and practice sheets, so it is important that you are able to engage inspire and motivate students to self-study and promote brainstorming. Successful candidates will have excellent presentation and communication skills, both written and verbal, for teaching, support.
The levels of courses currently available to teach for all levels are:

  • English
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Computing
  • Drama
  • Foreign Languages

At AceMum we are always looking for new, experienced and professional tutors.
Candidates should have a teaching qualification, experience of working in a teaching environment and have a high level of soft skill literacy. Preference will be given to those who have worked within the higher education sector, or some Higher National programs.

How to publish?
Tutors will be responsible to provide their own trial worksheets (approx.40 Pages/  collectively for 4 lessons) and ready to register with AceMum Publications. Trial sheets will be simple introductory sheets with basic explanation on topics tutors plan to cover, tips and help to understand the topic (not detailed), few examples, few questions( basic to few above average questions). NB: The worksheet should aim to allow the student to brainstorm and induce self-learning ability.

How to apply?
It is free to register with AceMum, but you must be willing to undergo an identity check and provide references before you become a part of AceMum. The tutors will provide their profile to be published on our website detailing about themselves and subjects they teach. If you’re interested in working with us:

  • Send us your CV
  • Send us your CRB (DBS) ( if you already have one)
  • Send us example worksheet created by you as per our template (Template available online)

We’ll then contact you to arrange an interview with AceMum. Please note that your profile will appear on our site. Make sure you always share your profile on twitter and Facebook. Always refer to our full Terms and Conditions.

How tutors earn with us
50% of the total cash inflow for each class will be paid to the tutor. 

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